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Multidimensional Spectral Estimation
Latest News
Sales discontinued on SEAAI
Individual licensing is discontinued on SEAAI.
New service release is available at SEAAI
Hidden Markov Models library service is developed and available, with advanced features, for interested clients.
graphical display utility released at SEAAI
Infinitiscope 1.0 is a graphical display software specifically developed for R&D tasks. It connects to signal sources easily and display signals in innovative and efficient manner.
Spectral estimation research toolbox release
A very useful toolbox for research in spectral estimation and doopler frequency processing is released under the name "Spectra-EXE".
New site for SEAAI is released
We are glad to announce to our customers the release of new website for SEAAI. This new version was designed to meet better standards in many different aspects. In particular, adequate information display and advanced purchase and activation facilities were implemented for a better customer experience.

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